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An AMIGA CD32 adventure game about a woman trapped in a strange room trying to find her way home. How did she get there, how can she escape and most importantly why was she brought there?

This game was made as an experiment in Amiga CD32 development and will need to either be burned to CD-R to be played on a real machine or used with an Amiga emulator with CD32 BIOS ROMs. If you're trying to use a standard Amiga you will need a game pad with 2 buttons.

I developed this using AMOS Professional, which is simple game dev software for the Amiga. Though it's targeted at beginner it was quite capable and a lot of fun to work with.


  • D-Pad - Move
  • Button 1 - Look
  • Button 2 - Interact


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AuthorLocked Door Puzzle
TagsAmiga, cd32, Point & Click


WrongWayBackCD32v1.0.iso 1.7 MB

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Nice game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:48:10. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. :-)

Plays great on my V4! :D Would it be possible to use the keyboard for controls or at least make it playable with a single button joystick?

I'll see if I can find time to look at the keyboard controls. I was really just expecting the game to be played on CD32 rather than other Amiga computers so I didn't really spend any time thinking about it.

You rock, man! And thank you for the cool game!

Connected my trusty Apollo joypad and couldn't stop playing until I finished the game! It left me wanting more, which is always a good thing!

I loved the atmosphere and the story, there were some inconsistencies with the controls (f.e. in the weapons room you have to use a examine to get the weapon in some places but interact in others).

I also copied all files of the game in my HD and I played it to completion from there, without any problems.

Looking forward to more Amiga games from you, mate! Cheers!

really cool seeing games made on Amos here at itch.io!! ;) - btw, as it seems to be using ecs screen modes, maybe this game would run on cdtv as well?

To be honest i just targeted the CD32 because that's the only Amiga I have. I probably could have made it work across a wider variety of machines but I think there is some fun novelty in it being specifically for one.

So there is no HD-Version for Download right? Or do i have to burn the iso on a cd, to put then all the files on hd on my A1200? The game look interesting. What are your inspirations for it?

You can mount the iso in your Amiga of course.

Nah ive never worked with iso´s or mounting on an amiga. But thanks

Hey sorry yeah I target Amiga CD32 as it's the only Amiga hardware I have. I developed on an emulated A1200 so it should run on one but I don't have a simple path for you playing it there. Inspiration wise there's a bit of Cube and Silent Hill in there, but more than anything I wanted to make a small game that would keep surprising players in various ways.

very good

Very nice, finally a CD32 game again. Please more of them, even with CD audio and FMV videos.

I did look into FMV for a while, but the two big problems seemed to be that no one with a CD32 actually has the optional FMV card and secondly I was working in AMOS which made it harder to support more CD32 features.

CDXL videos would also be possible, then you don't need a FMV module. I am still happy about new CD32 games.

A great and challenging game!

That's awesome, thanks for making that.

Worked great on the FS-UAE emulator.

yeah I should probably include a link, I coded in entirely inside FS-UAE since I don't have a real Amiga 1200 sadly. 

why make version windows? 

I might port it to Windows through Unity at a later point so more people can play it but for now the reason I made it was to experiment with game dev on the Amiga

think good idea ..port unity ..other  my friends dev make port unity ...only test keybord ..i play amiga 600 ..so epic time hah ;D

Any plan to make an OCS/ECS version. The graphics and colors look OCS/ECS to me.

we need to use some tricks for making aga games on amos

Can I run this game in ECS/OCS? Are there plans to make an ECS/OCS version?

There is a beta version of AMOS using AGA out there that I tried for a bit. I wanted to use it for this game but I could not reliably get the compiler to work. So eventually I gave up and reverted back to normal AMOS.

i don't knokw if Unity is a good choice (even considering you could make GNU/Linux and OSX builds too), i think Unity is too bloated, specially for this kind of game - maybe Python-Pygame, Lua-Löve, etc., would be better?

I'd go for Unity as I'm pretty fluent in it and could use the Adventure Creator plugin to port it in a weekend. I'm far too deep into programming in C style languages, that I've never been comfortable in Python or Lua.